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And so it begins…

Just a quick announcement! 

I am so happy to get started! Whilst I have been dreaming of starting my own author’s blog ™ I keep thinking that I’ll never have the wit, the bombacity or the clout to really interest a single being on the planet. So…screw it! I’ll just start a blog anyway! Ha-HA! Take that personal insecurity! I’ll have none of you! *shoo’s it out with a broom*

So! You have made your way to the blog of Dawn Seagrave! I am working on my first book, and look forward to releasing several short stories, novellas and even a lovely little choose-your-own-adventure Visual Novel when I get the time! In short, thank you for coming! I will happily post terribly droll and boring posts so lame as to make you want to salt your own eyes out of boredom!

You’re welcome!