The Drinkable Book – How Scientists Have Developed A Book That Purifies Water

In an amazing turn for potable water initiatives world-wide, scientists have now figured out a method of filtering water using the very paper of the book that teaches you how to do it.

Developed by a collaboration between the Water Is Life foundation and the universities of Carnegie Melon and Virginia, amazing chemist Dr. Theresa Dankovich pioneered the paper to contain silver and copper nano-particles that kill off bacteria after water has passed through it.

The paper is cheap to produce, has instructions printed (and pictured for those who cannot read) in food-safe ink and comes with a plastic book-case that doubles as a filter sleeve to hold the paper in place for water filtration.

The book is now being printed in dozens of languages so its use can be applied world wide. Which is excellent, seeing as nearly 700 million people did not have access to minimum water sanitation facilities in just 2011. If you feel like you can help, click here to donate a dollar to helping the world drink clean water!


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